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The BBFS philosophy is to improve the technical ability and psychological strength of each individual player both male/female (aged 5-16 years of age) in the programme. The emphasis is to promote participation and enjoyment amongst young players, coaches, parents and spectators in a creative, exciting and safe environment.

The BBFS syllabus covers every area of football and has 4 key aspects of Brazilian origin.

1.Futebul de Salao, 2. Emphasis on individual skills, 3. Increased training time
4. Mental and Physical strength

Research has shown that for the development of quick feet, close dribbling and passing skills there is nothing better than FDS.

Spending time with the size 2 FDS ball is just two thirds of their time with any remaining time being spent with a conventional size ball working on other areas such as short passes, long passes, heading, shooting and match situations.

BBFS aims for two levels of results:

1. Individual: The setting of personal skill levels and self discipline.
2. Teamwork: The respect for each other enabling us to work together on and
off the field.


BBFS does not just concentrate on our participants being good football players we also aim for good behaviour in the class and on and off the field. BBFS participants are well rounded individuals who will be respected in the community for their positive outlook.


The BBFS Skills Development Program is being introduced to reward and recognize our members for their level of achievement. The core objective is to provide clear and concise feedback for future development.

The BBFS ideology is based on training methods that consistently evaluate the present technical level of each player and setting new standards for their future development. This is combined via regular group training sessions and individual practice sessions.

The skills development program will see all players within the program start at level one and will progress at their own individual rate as the program develops.

• Level 1 White Shirt

o This award is aimed at providing all players within the program the fundamental skills needed to progress through the skills development program.

• Level 2 Blue Shirt

o This award is aimed at challenging the players who have progressed through the fundamental skills program. The players have to complete the fundamental skills with an increased level of ball mastery.
• Level 3 Yellow Shirt

o This award is aimed at recognizing the advanced skills of the players that have progressed through the White and Blue award levels. To achieve this award each player will have had to advance their skills and possess a very high level of ball mastery. The successful level 3 player will be able to demonstrate a high level of technical ability and that he or she has mastered the majority of the associated skills, in a set time-frame
• Level 4 Youth Trainee Coach Award

o Players that gain this award are regarded as possessing technical excellence and leadership skills. Players that achieve this award have proven themselves and will be given the opportunity to develop their coaching and professional development both off and on the field. The core objective is to provide them with the necessary skills to enter further education overseas or entry into an international youth football academy.
• Level 5 MVP Award

This award will be recognized via a BBFS Diploma and will be awarded to Youth Trainee Coaches that have distinguished themselves in the area of coaching, deportment and academic achievement. Each recipient must also pass the Basic First Aid course, a basic referee course and or Laws of the Game exam. The core objective is to provide them with the necessary skills to enter further education overseas, licensed coaching education and/or entry into an international youth football academy.