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 BBFS Mission:  To foster the mental, physical and emotional growth in youth through football, both nationally and internationally.

BBFS  provides an innovative and important service for sports-based youth development in Bermuda. It is a drug-free and independently-run training school which utilizes sports training to instill academic excellence, personal discipline and a code of conduct within its youth members. This area of work is becoming increasingly important considering the well-known fact that Bermuda is currently experiencing a youth crisis.



The country’s soaring number of gang-related offenses and the corresponding increase in the number of disengaged youths heighten concerns for the country’s future. Sports-based programming offers a positive impact on at-risk youths by promoting academic success, physical fitness, responsible behaviours, and self-confidence.

The popularity and cultural significance of specifically football in Bermuda offers an opportunity to engage youths in a productive afterschool activity through an inclusive team-based setting.

The core component of BBFS is its regular training schools and camps. The rigorous training method is based on Futebol de Sal√£o which is the forefather of what is now known as Futsal, a FIFA-sanctioned football method. Whether the player is a beginner or advanced, BBFS improves his/her skills and allows him/her to enjoy the sport through various learning games.