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Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School embarks on an annual tour and this year will be our 8th Annual Football & Cultural/Educational Tour. The tour will take place from July 2/3-11/12. This year, our destination will be Canada, with our base being Guelph and Fergus in Ontario. Previous tours have seen BBFS travel to; England, Holland, Germany, USA and Denmark since 2008. As we prepare for another exciting adventure, we wish to invite your son/daughter to travel with us.


This tour will provide your son/daughter with the opportunity to participate in training camps, games, tournaments, excursions, educational tours with professional and BBFS coaches. Each team will compete against international opposition in skills and team performance. We intend to utilize this opportunity, to exchange cultural and educational experiences with youth from different countries.

 We do invite parents to travel with us and act as tour chaperones according to the guidelines of BBFS and all other planned activities in Canada.

 If you require any validation of this request, you may contact me, Cal Blankendal (CEO) of Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School via or calvinbda@gmail.com.