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Gershon Gibbons became the Chief Financial Officer of the Bermuda Brazilian Football School in September 2009. Gershon graduated from American International College with a B.Sc. in Business Administration majoring in Accounting.

He currently works as a Management Accountant, Compensation & Benefits, in the Accountant General's Department for the Bermuda Government,  in the Compensation section  that deals with all aspects of Government payroll. The Benefits section that is responsible for the administration of pensions for all government employees as well as the enrolment in to the Government Health Insurance Plan.

He has been an avid sportsman playing football for various sporting clubs (Western Stars Sports Club (Dandy Town) Devonshire Colts, YMSC and Hotels International FC and cricket  for the Western Stars Sports Club and Flatts Victoria Recreation Club). He has been involved in coaching at Western Stars Sports Club (Dandy Town) at various levels( U15, U19) and currently coaches in the Player Development League. Gershon is a former Vice- President of Western Stars Sports Club (Dandy )Town.

He is an also qualified West Indies Cricket Board Level II Coach. Coaching U11, U14, U17 teams at Western Stars Sports Club (Dandy Town) and is the current Director of Cricket. He is also currently the treasurer of the Bermuda Cricket Board since November 2010.

Gershon is married to Charla and has one son, Nico.