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Leroy is nicknamed “The Coach” and is respected by all of Bermuda’s coaches. Leroy is a former long-serving employee of The Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO) and has 4 children. He has served in many capacities as a football coach and employee.


As a player Leroy “Coach) Wilson was a very technical and hardworking during his long career. His small and short stature did not deter him from being one of the best players during his era at the Dandy Football Club.

Coaching experience:

  • Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School

  • Dandy Town Football Club

  • Wolves Football Club

  • English FA International Coaching License

  • Bermuda Football (soccer) Association B License,

  • Bermuda Football (Soccer) Association D License

  • Bermuda Football (Soccer) Association Premier League Referee

  • Personal Fitness Trainer

  • North Village Community Club – Fitness Trainer

Leroy has an extensive coaching resume spanning 34 years. He has also won every domestic cup competition in Bermuda as either a player or coach. Leroy has the experience of coaching both male and female players at all levels from youth to adulthood. He has coached in the;

  • USA
  • Jamaica

  • Antigua

 He has also coached various domestic club teams in Bermuda winning multiple titles and coaching awards. His current interest is in developing Bermuda’s youth players.