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Jermaine known as Speedy, was one of Bermuda’s bright youth stars until his career was cut short due to medical complications. Prior to his illness, he was a very technical player blessed with natural speed and agility. As a result of his promising career being cut short, he has dedicated his football intelligence, to develop Bermuda’s next generation of promising players. His interest is not only in developing the player for match play but to ensure that they receive a good education and become productive citizens.

Coaching experience:

  • Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School

  • Dandy Town Football Club

  • North Village Community Club

  • UEFA C License
  • NSCAA D and C Diploma

Jermaine has traveled extensively as a coach of various clubs and the Bermuda National Football Team to:

  • Holland (AJAX),

  • Germany (Bayer Leverkusen),

  • England (Chelsea),

  • USA (International Disney Cup)

  • USA (Eastern Development Cup )