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The core component of BBFS is its regular training schools and camps. The rigorous training method is based on Futebol de Sal√£o which is the forefather of what is now known as Futsal, a FIFA-sanctioned football method. Whether the player is a beginner or advanced, BBFS improves his/her skills and allows him/her to enjoy the sport through various learning games.

The BBFS philosophy is to improve the technical ability and psychological strength of each individual player both male/female (aged 5-16 years of age) in the programme. The emphasis is to promote participation and enjoyment amongst young players, coaches, parents and spectators in a creative, exciting and safe environment.


The BBFS syllabus covers every area of football and has 4 key aspects of Brazilian origin.

1.Futebul de Salao, 2. Emphasis on individual skills, 3. Increased training time
4. Mental and Physical strength

Research has shown that for the development of quick feet, close dribbling and passing skills there is nothing better than FDS.

Spending time with the size 2 FDS ball is just two thirds of their time with any remaining time being spent with a conventional size ball working on other areas such as short passes, long passes, heading, shooting and match situations.